Historical Society of Temple City

5954 Kauffman Ave., Temple City, CA 91780

(626) 451-0833  /   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

HSTC museum outside front


What will I see at the Historical Museum?

The focus is on early Temple City, 1920's through the 1950's with some information up to the present time. An example is our 'Heros' display of persons who lived in Temple City and who have achieved 'outstanding accomplishments' in their life or whom have made a 'difference' in Temple City by their volunteer work. There is an astronaut and an astrophysicist on display. Also there are many nostalgic artifacts from the past. Come and see the many interesting stories awaiting you!


When is the Museum open?

Every 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month from 11:00am to 3:00pm, except Holidays... the 2nd Sunday in November & December. Closed the whole month August.


Are groups accepted?

Group Tours  are available 'by appointment'  3 weeks in advance. The days requested must be a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of the week (except August and Holidays).

Leave a message on the museum phone (626)451-0833 and your call will be returned.


Where do my donations go?

The Society is educational, not philanthropic. All monies received must be used for the upkeep of the museum and property. The Society is not permitted to support or donate to other causes.


Do you have Volunteers and if yes How can I be a Volunteer?

Yes, we accept Volunteers. All Volunteers must be members of the Historical Society and have a common goal of the Society's By Laws and Standing Rules. We also have Board Member positions available.


What type of Volunteers positions are available?

Docents for the Museum & Tours. Knowledgable computer-person for Data Entry. Clerical/Researcher/Typist to name a few.


Are Volunteers a paid position?

All Board and Work Members are Volunteers, there are no paid positions.


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